Black Anthropocene

/blak / ˈanTHrəpəˌsēn/


Dr Amanda Thomson



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From a book by Kathryn Yusoff where she explores the geologies of race: for example, the significance of the excavations of oil, gold, minerals, and how language can erase the inequalities that are at the heart of the Anthropocene.

Further Reading

A Billion Black Anthropocenes or None by Kathryn Yusoff [book, 2018]


“I want to challenge the racial blindness of the Anthropocene as a wilful blindness…”


“As the Anthropocene proclaims the language of species life – anthropo – through a universalist geologic commons, it neatly erases histories of racism that were incubated through the regulatory structure of geologic relations. The racial categorization of Blackness shares its natality with mining in the New World as does the material impetus for colonialism in the first instance.”


– Kathryn Yusoff



Yusoff initiates a transdisciplinary conversation between feminist black theory, geography, and the earth sciences, addressing the politics of the Anthropocene within the context of race, materiality, deep time, and the afterlives of geology.

Questions & Provocations

When we blame the destruction and degradation of nature on 'humans', to whom, or to which systems, are we actually referring?
Carl C.Z. Jonsson